What does Campus Life look like in 2020?

Different Locations.  Same Mission.  Broward County Schools began this year with "100% e learning", and many students are still at home.  But our mission remains; we go where young people are and we share Christ.  In response to Covid restrictions, we are simply changing the setting of our club from a school classroom to local parks and online formats.  We describe Campus Life as an incredibly fun club equipping students with life skills, adult mentors, and a community of good friends. Students report that they have more purpose, more friends and more hope for the future.

New Needs

Students are working from home with higher anxiety, limited tools, discouragment, isolation, lack of exercise and lack of scholastic motivation.  We're so grateful to National Christian Foundation for granting us funds to purchase laptop computers for some of our students in great need.


School and Virtual Outreach

Campus Life is broadcasting club live from our school classrooms, during our regular meeting times, at two of our schools!  Our wonderful teachers are inviting the students and allowing us to use their video feeds.  It's interactive, fun, and relevant with small group breakouts that give our students the personal connection they crave. 

Park Outreach

Campus Life is meeting at parks near our schools to allow our kids to play and exercise while learning about Christ's love for them.  We've purchased fun games that allow for social distancing; and Teen Boot Camp will be led by our Campus Life director, Lynn, a certified fitness trainer.  We are following all CDC and BCPS safety guidelines. 

Our Schools

Campus Life serves:  Central Charter K-8, Indian Ridge Middle, South Plantation High & Western High. 

We are raising funds to open Campus Life in 4 new schools:  Millennium K-8, Piper HS, Whiddon-Rogers & Ft. Lauderdale HS

Campus Life from Bethel Motion Pictures on Vimeo.

Campus Life clubs provide an all-inclusive, social environment where middle and high school students partake in character building curriculum, small group discussions and one-on-one mentoring. Positive peer friendships are formed while students eat, laugh, and discuss reaching their full potential: intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually.


Identity/Purpose, Values and Faith, Choices/Peer Pressure, Character Building, Future Planning, Healthy Relationships, Self-Esteem, Respect, Conflict Resolution, Suicide Prevention, Drugs/Alcohol Abuse, Online Safety, Anti-bullying, Time/Money Planning, Community Service and more.

We're so proud of our 2020 graduates! 

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