Over The Edge

Interrupting Isolation & Youth Violence

February 27, 2021, you can make a difference in our community and have a great time rappelling during the day or at night!

Before Covid-19, 1 in 7 youth experienced abuse at home and 14% of students admitted to carrying a weapon to school for protection.  Now we are experiencing a drastic increase in youth anxiety, isolation and tensions in the home.  We are determined to interrupt these trends through the life-changing message of Jesus Christ, caring mentorship, and safe peer friendships.


We’ve had requests to bring our outreaches to 4 more schools as soon as volunteers are allowed back on campuses. We need to:
· Hire 2 part-time staff to establish new sites
· Train 16 volunteers (4 for each school)
· Establish 1 new Catalyst Hip-Hop outreach

You can help by donating to our FTL team or registering to rappel OVER THE EDGE with us! 

Yes, we are rappelling down a 10 story building to raise awareness and funds to open more outreaches and triple the number of students we serve.  You can join our team to rappel and we'll give you tips to excite your friends and family to donate on your behalf.